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[English] Rules of Server

on Fri Nov 17, 2017 5:44 pm
Terms of Server

Your use and access to this Website, as well as play on PlayMuOnline will be conditioned to the acceptance of these Terms and Conditions. We reserve the right, at our sole discretion, to modify or update at any time the Terms and Conditions of use with immediate effect. You will be responsible for the periodic review of these terms of use in order to know the updates that are made in a timely manner.

In the event that you are a parent, guardian, or guardian who approves your child's registration or access on the Website and Server, you agree to be legally bound by these Terms of Use with respect to your child's use of the Site Web and Server. After reading these terms and conditions, if for any reason you do not agree or can not be subject to the terms and conditions set forth herein, we request you to refrain from staying and accessing the Website and / or Server in the present and in the future . Otherwise when accessing and making use of it, you will be accepting both the present terms and conditions.

That is to say that the use, as well as the mere access to the Website and Server will import the tacit acceptance of these Terms and Conditions, including all the content available through it, meaning your consent to these Terms and Conditions.

The services, MU game and / or content offered on the Website may require subscription. In that case, the Terms and Conditions are published together with the corresponding service or game. These terms are in addition to these Terms and Conditions and, in case of dispute, will prevail over these terms.

The service

HeLL-IceMUONLINE is a virtual MMORPG Platform through which you can access the game called "MU". Users of the Server, once registered, will be responsible for their own accounts, conversations, items and / or services that they have established in their registered account. In turn, CLEARLY DECLARES that the game is FREE and without INDOLE DE NEGOCIO, so that the "DONATIONS" are completely voluntary and not FORCED, in return you will receive exclusive benefits within the game platform, benefits that are not available for free.

Main Rules

Keep your password safeput a intricate passwords and do not share it with no one!!

The heroes and the items in your account are under your responsibility!!

Also applies to the giving of items - your doing it on your own risk!!

You can not ask from GM or Admin items or any kind of benefits.!

You can not disturb the Gm Or Admins during events!

You can not offense the GM or the Admins . Respect them!!

You do not have the right to use hackspatches or any other programs(bugs) that makes your game easier.

You do not have the right to advertisement other servers forums and any others

You do not have the right to close city.!Exceptions are duels fight for eventmobsspots.

You can not impersonate yourself for GM or Admin!

You can close the BloodCastle only one minute before the end.!

Forbidden racism and bad words in any language !

You can be pk! Punishment only if you are not let the other players to play!

Gms or Admins do not have the right to ask your passwords or killing you with no reasons !

Forbidden trade deception make screenshots every time when you make deals.

Selling Account and Items

Selling Account and items are not allowed in server ! !

Breaking these rules and / or disrespecting this license agreement breaks and disables the user from any opportunity or right to remain and enjoy the services that HeLL-IceMU ONLINE and its administrators grant. Ignoring the staff, HeLL-Ice Mu Online will proceed to ban / block / ban ip / account deletion, etc. as required.
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